設計:藤本 綾/信田 匡康

It is a house renovation of one apartment in Tokyo.

Against the background of the decision to renovate the house for their own marriage, by linking the "wedding" and the renovation of the "house" visited at the same time, we proposed a house with a more special feeling.

Historically, looking at the connection between "house" and "wedding", it is customary for the bride's relatives to prepare household goods in some areas. Therefore, in this plan, the renovation work will be carried out in parallel with the preparation for the wedding ceremony, and all the renovation work will be completed by finally delivering the furniture produced at the furniture making workshop on the day of the wedding ceremony. we hope that many guests will prepare their household goods to make the connection between the couple and guests, homes, relatives and friends even more special.

At the workshop, we asked them to create boxes which would consist a shelf-partition of the house. The created boxes will be used as benches at the second party, and when they are brought into the house after the wedding ceremony and are stacked as shelves.

In addition, we used wool insulation and transparent corrugated sheets, which are the materials for the renovation of the "house," as decorations for the "wedding". Wool insulation is used instead of general foam insulation, so it looks good as a decoration and gives warmth to the rough concrete-revealed "house" of renovation.

Since the owner owns many books and needed a storage space for them, we planned to partition the room with shelves 1.8 m high. The large blank space in the center is a space that can be used freely according to the time of day, such as study, dining, and living room, and the elements drawn from the furniture placed on both sides of the blank space will change the use of the space.

Although it is a very small space, we have proposed a space that can be dyed for various purposes depending on the living time.